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Question: How Accurate Are your Lists?


Answer: Very accurate. Our lists are as accurate as can be, but can never be 100% accurate. Although our lists are updated as often as possible, there is no way that we can account for Real Estate Agents changing e-mails, full mailboxes, Realtors using false e-mails, mistyped e-mails, and the like. Therefore, we are confident that the majority of the Agents, email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses are correct, but of course, there will be a minority (0-5% on average) of bounced emails.


Question: Can I use the Realtor Address List for Direct Mail Marketing?


Answer: Yes. These real estate agent mailing addresses are obtained through public records and can be used to communicate with agents legally.


Question: Can I use a Real Estate Agent Email List Legally?


Answer: Yes. Of course! There is no regulation in the law about using public record e-mail addresses to conduct legitimate business marketing.


Question: Can I use the Real Estate Agent Email List with purchased software like Constant Contact?

Answer: The short answer is no. Companies like Constant Contact do not allow the use of purchased email lists, and only allow e-mails to be sent to "opted-in" customers of your business, i.e. customers that have specifically asked your company for solicitous e-mails about your specific products and services and companies like Constant Contact are incredibly strict on this point. This is because you are paying to use the server of Constant Contact to send out e-mails and when people mark them as spam (because a great majority, even of "opted-in" customers, always do), their servers run the risk of being black-listed. This is also due to the nature of their very business, sending out e-mails for businesses. Because of the incredibly large number of clients using their service and sending out e-mails at all times, they have to be very careful to not let their servers get black-listed.

It is important to note, however, that although this service does not allow you to use these e-mails, they are collected from sources of public record and can legally be used to send out marketing information for your product or service, and these potential customers can be solicited to opt-in to receiving e-mails from you. This means that any customers you collect through use of this list, you will then be able to use with a service like Constant Contact.

To insure the best sending practices, follow some of these guidelines to get your e-mails to Agents:



    • Clear, simple content that lets customers know the exact nature of your business
    • A nice balance of text and pictures in a clean, uniform layout
    • Do not use spam "buzz words" - i.e. don't market male enhancement products to the Real Estate Market, etc.
    • Make sure you are sending information to Agents that Agents would be interested in.
    • Have a contact person, business name, phone number, and address of your business included in every e-mail.



Question: How do you verify your email addresses?


Answer: We update our email list quarterly with a completely fresh, 100% combed through list of Agent e-mail addresses, Agent phone numbers, Agent business addresses, and Agent mailing addresses, and update the list with records of bounced e-mails monthly. Because our lists are so large, it may seem that you receive alot of bounced e-mail addresses after an initial email blast, but that is not necessarily the case. Only a small percentage of emails have a chance of being bad email addresses.

Verification Methods:



    • Quarterly fresh updates
    • Monthly bounced email address removal
    • State by state public records match and verification
    • Quarterly removal of new duplicates







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